Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Having Addressed the Issue Before, the Show will Yet Again Incorporate “Black Lives Matter” Protest in Season 8, as Confirmed by Terry Crews

An issue that was once shown on the show has happened in real life and actors are stepping up to focus more on it

Remember that time when Terry Jeffords, Terry Crews’ character on the NBC sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine got detained by a white policeman for the sole reason of being a black man who was out on his own front porch at night?

The same problem has happened in a real life in a slightly different situation, and while it’s not the first one, it has created a lot of impact and people are stepping up to fight against it.

After George Floyd was murdered by a policeman, protests have been rampant and everyone has been talking about police brutality and people have been asking for the police force to be defunded or dismantled, so that they cannot exercise such actions again.

Bringing it to the show

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show about funny and very likeable cops, but Crews has acknowledged that the upcoming season 8 should be handled seriously and address this issue.

In a chat with Seth Meyers, the actor spoke about how the cast members got into a zoom call to address this issue as it was growing out of hand. They had some really eye-opening conversations about how they will make the next season.

The cast and crew members of the show have been pretty vocal about the issue since Floyd’s death and have donated for various Black Lives Matter protests. It would be interesting to see how a show about cops will be handling this matter that has portrayed cops in a very negative light, and how they should strive towards winning the respect of the people once again.

The show has been known to have addressed several raging issues in society from racism to workplace harassment to LGBT+, so hopes and expectations from season are very high again.