Britney Vs Spears : With Conservatorship to End Soon, Netflix Drops Trailer Of Britney Spears’ Documentary

Netflix has finally turned real-life Britney Vs Spears reel life

The documentary Britney Vs Spears is based on Britney Spears conservatorship. Although there were reports that Mr. Spears who is Britney’s father has thought about ending the conservatorship, it is still midway. A lot of facts are unfolded and a lot of them have to come up. But, Netflix has already made a documentary based on the latest facts on the controversy between Britney and her father. 

Netflix documentary is way different than New York Times and Hulu’s doc. NYT and Hulu’s documentary focused on Britney’s career, early life, media sensations, and the circumstances that directed her towards her present situation. Whereas, Netflix’s documentary about Britney is based purely on conservatorship and its facts. So if you have watched the Hulu doc about Britney, you can still spend your time watching Netflix doc too. 

Trailer release 

The streaming service Netflix dropped the trailer of the much-talked documentary on 22nd September. The trailer is so intense that it mostly focuses on the depth of Spear conservatorship. The makers of the series were working on it for two whole years. 

The series will drop out on 28th September. Moreover, the very significant thing is that the next date after the release of the doc is the very important hearing regarding Spear conservatorship. Britney has been conservatorship for more than a decade under her father Jamie Spears.

Britney Vs Spears : With Conservatorship to End Soon, Netflix Drops Trailer Of Britney Spears' Documentary
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Team behind the documentary:

The Britney VS Spears doc is created by director Erin Lee Carr. Journalist Jenny Eliscu has also made a major contribution in the making of the remarkable Netflix doc.

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