British singer Duffy reveals why she chose to move away from under the spotlight for so long!

Duffy, a British singer on Tuesday finally revealed why she has not been present in the scene for so long. She explained a long absence from the music scene by disclosing some shocking details. She said that she had been raped and drugged and was held captive but she did not give out any details about where or when the occurrence took place.

The 35 year old singer who had give us numerous amounts of big hits including track “Mercy” back in 2008 and her debut album “Rockferry,”, which was critically acclaimed. She wrote in an Instagram post that she was okay and safe now, but said it had taken a toll on her time mental health, but she is on the way to recovery from the ordeal.

Source: Duffy’s Instagram

The Welsh singer even won a Grammy back in 2009 for her famous hit “Rockferry” and she also managed to bag three Brit Awards but removed herself from under the spotlight shortly after the release of her second studio album in 2010, which was not that successful.

She wrote on social media that many of her fans wonder what happened to her, where did she disappear to and why. She reveals the truth and tries to convince her followers that she is okay and safe now and that the recovery took time and she survived.

She did not mention anything about her captor or when this incident took place but she said that she would be posting an audio interview in the next few weeks which will answer a ton of questions that fans have on their minds.

She also wrote that people wonder why she did not choose to use her voice to express her pain? As it turns out she did not want to show the world the sadness in her eyes.