Aquaman 2 is all about The Only King of Atlantis!! Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer finalized? Who Are Black Mantas?

The biggest DC movie yet, Aquaman was released in 2018. It surprised the audience and got a lot of appreciation. It was already known that Warner Bros and DC were planning for a sequel of Aquaman. But the official announcement about it was made in February 2019.

Well, we even got to know that the co-writers of the original movie, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, are hired to write the story for Aquaman 2.

What is the Release Date for the movie?

The news about Aquaman’s sequel delighted the fans. But you all will have to wait a lot for its arrival. Warner Bros has officially announced the release date for the movie. Aquaman 2 is gonna hit the screens on 16 December 2022. Thus, it will come almost four years after the release of the first movie.

Who all will be there in the cast?

All the important characters of the movie are expected to return for there roles. But there’s no news about any new characters’ entry. We may get any information regarding this while the film will be about to launch.

The movie’s lead Jason Momoa will be back to play his role as Arthur Curry ( or to be more precise Aquaman), Amber Heard is returning for her role Mera, Willem Dafoe will again be seen as Vulko, Patrick Wilson will play Orm, Nicole Kidman is gonna play Atlanna, Yahya Abdul-Mateen will be back as Black Manta and Dolph Lundgren will return as Nereus.

What is the plot for Aquaman 2?

The first part had Arthur Curry, the story’s hero, to poses some special powers which he never harnessed. But in the upcoming movie, you will get to see him become what he is destined to become. And undoubtedly, the end of the movie will have Arthur win the movie war against Orm and get his title as the only King of Atlantis.

So, the fans are surely gonna witness a lot of adventure in the Aquaman 2.