Black Clover Season 3 updates: Asta and Yuno are coming back with a blast ! Rejoice Anime Lovers!

Black Cover released its second season last year on October 2. And, now, opinions about season 3 are doing the rounds. Indeed, Studio Pierrot officially renewed the anime for season 3.

Before, season 2 has 51 episodes which air till now, weekly. Obviously, due to the number of episodes, it runs in 2019 as well. 

Conversely, this delayed season 3 as both seasons could not be broadcasted together. However, the developers have no dearth of storylines. So, there is much in store for anime lovers.

In particular, if the release follows the same pattern as former ones, then season 3 will release in 2020.

The series will premiere on Netflix worldwide for all its audience. Without a doubt, the Japanese anime has captured hearts, and fans want the next season as soon as possible.

Black Clover Season 3 updates: Asta and Yuno are coming back with a blast ! Rejoice Anime Lovers! 3


Consequently, the third season would witness the conquering of elves via invasion. So, Asta and his gang have to prepare to fight the toughest enemies. Additionally, a new team of Knights will be introduced to protect the Clover Kingdom. 

The plot of Black Clover revolves around two orphans, Asta and Yuno.

In this kingdom, every child is born with magical prowess, but Asta is an exception though he cultivates physical capabilities not evident in the magical folks.

On the other hand, Yuno is a magical guy who can control his unique magical skills. He meets as a teenager with teenager Asta. While they dream of becoming Magic Knights, only Yuno gets the power of grimoires, being magical. 

Asta, however, protects Yuno from a thief. Importantly, he summons Yuno’s grimoires which are revealed to have five clovers, i.e. Black Clover, which produces anti-magic.

Hence, they together go on a journey to explore the world. Besides, the responsibilities that come with it.