Billie Eilish is not afraid of experiments. Check out her hair transformations.

Billie Eilish is a creation of her own making, gaining fame at fast rocket speed with no signs of slowing down. Eilish’s original story began in 2001 in Highland Park, Los Angels. Due to this, many people think that she had a glam upbringing, she didn’t.

She said,” Highland Park has become popular now but growing up there, it was not like that at all. There were gunshots; it was really sketchy.”

18-year-old Billie Eilish, at such a young age, won Grammy awards and is living a life that every singer ever dreamed of. But now, apart from her deep, emotional songs and performance, she is also being lauded for her fashion and hairstyles. She is inspiring millions through her dressing styles.

Eilish started her career with a famous song, “Ocean Eyes,” and with faded blond hair. Ocean Eyes is the first hit that she and her brother invented in a bedroom studio.

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As she becomes more and more popular, her style changed to her signature punk fashion. This steel gray color really suited her.

Eilish also nailed her pale blue hair color, which is one of a kind. Fans were obsessed with her pale blue locks tucked away into a messy bun.

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nori from barbie fairytopia headass

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She then turned to darker colors and picked this vibrant blue. The textured blue and messy bun was really a unique combination to pick. Billie is never afraid experimenting with her hairs, and fans appreciate her for that.

Just after her 17th birthday, she surprised fans by a new turquoise color with dark roots. Billie is known for keeping her roots dark, which gives kind of coolness to her look.

Then, she comes with blackish-blue, which is again, darker. Again, fans were flabbergasted with her new look.

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split decision

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