Bill Burr Criticized for Mispronouncing Singer’s Name at Grammys Premiere Ceremony!!!

Bill Burr’s remarks at the 2021 Grammys are starting online media backfire.

Bill Burr Criticized for Mispronouncing Singer's Name at Grammys Premiere Ceremony!!!

While introducing a progression of grants at the debut function before the show Sunday, the professional comic got going by kidding about the first piano execution.

“Was I the one in particular who needed to commit suicide during that piano performance?” Burr said while advancing in front of an audience. “I purchased a suit for this. I thought it was going to be on TV. I’m such an idiot, I’m losing such a lot of cash at this moment.”

Burr introduced the honours for best Latin stone or the elective collection and best tropical Latin collection, just as reporting the champ of the territorial Mexican music grant, during which Burr kidded that he was unable to articulate victor Natalia Lafourcade’s name.

“I can’t say this name. Natalie what?” he said, later endeavouring to articulate her last name and saying ‘sorry’

“In the event that I butchered her name, I’m grieved. Natalie you won,” he added while tolerating the honour for her sake.

After his misstep, Burr attempted to downplay the circumstance, foreseeing that the crowd would respond adversely to a white man introducing these honours.

Bill Burr Criticized for Mispronouncing Singer's Name at Grammys Premiere Ceremony!!!

“The women’s activists are going crazy. For what reason is the cis-white male doing so much Latino stuff?” he jested.

Some Grammy watchers took to Twitter to scrutinize Burr’s remarks, with client @tyongiyoung calling his jokes about the piano solo “inconsiderate, totally inappropriate and offending to each old-style artist out there.”

“The @RecordingAcad needs to take ownership of this disappointment of choosing Bill Burr as a moderator,” @kittievante composed. “What an awful decision. He obviously doesn’t perceive how significant this is for craftsmen.”

Devotees of Lafourcade likewise condemned Burr for misspeaking the artist’s name, with the client, Marya Zamora noticing that he could’ve in any event rehearsed the names before the show.

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