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Kenny Chesney Debuts Cinematic ‘Knowing You’ Music Video!!! Watch the MV here!!!

After almost thirty years in the music business, Kenny Chesney keeps on pushing his creativity higher than ever, and his new music video for “Knowing You” is a great representation of that.

Kenny Chesney Debuts Cinematic ‘Knowing You’ Music Video!!!

The just-delivered cut rejuvenates the enthusiastic melody in true-to-life structure, displaying Chesney’s acting abilities close by a female partner. The Shaun Silva-coordinated clasp highlights scenes shot off the shoreline of Massachusetts just as in the Virgin Islands.

“Something about this video I love is the manner in which you can feel the settings,” Chesney shares. “What’s more, every area – regardless of whether in Gloucester, Mass. or on the other hand the Virgin Islands — was chosen since it feels the manner in which these feelings really feel. As I’ve said, again and again recently, individuals who come into your life and afterward are gone, it’s for quite a few reasons. Yet, past missing them, you have the chance to perceive what they brought to your life and be appreciative.”

Playing out like a scaled-down film, the “Knowing You” video is an unquestionable requirement and genuinely epitomizes the sincere tune and the entirety of the feelings that join it.

“It’s a particularly unadulterated tune,” Chesney says. “On the off chance that you tune in, you can discover your loved ones in it. I needed the video to have that, as well. It’s not tied in with being on a fishing boat freezing, however this torment you feel – and furthermore discovering an appreciation for knowing somebody who transformed you. Any place they are, you realize they’re carrying on with their best life; they’re sparkling and doing likewise for another person – and that can be in this life, or the following.”

Sonically, “Knowing You” is suggestive of a portion of Chesney’s previous deliveries and that is not coincidentally.

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