Biggest warrior of the earth Goku is back in action to save the world in Dragon Ball Super! Read all the latest updates here.

In the previous episode we saw that Moro and his army of former Galactic Patrol prisoners defeated Goku badly. So Goku ended up going with Merus to master the ultra instinct. But Whis interrupted their training session at the end and whisked the former Patrolman of the galaxy away. So Goku was left alone and had to find his path back to earth. However he got lost and therefore was late. In chapter 57 after the delay he comes back to earth, all prepared for his battle with Moro.

Chapter 57 is filled with the various fights between Moro and the Z Fighters. The Z Fighters are beaten poorly and exhausted. Goku was able to know about their condition and wants to help them but is unable to do so because of the flagging power of his allies. He wasn’t able to use his instant transmission power. However Kurin powers up when he was losing the battle. This leads Goku sensing the chi of his friend and teleports himself back to earth. He defeats the person Kurin was battling with no effort at all.

It is also know that Vegeta, similar to Goku is also mastering the power of instant transmission one planet of Yardat from the same master.

That’s all there is seen in this chapter. Only time will tell what will happen next. Will Goku be able to defeat Moro? As we know that Goku has a power of absorbing energy, it is likely that he will first defeat Saganbo before taking on Moro. On top of that Moro is very unpredictable. Who knows what he has planned for Goku, he might have some secret powers. That will be a bigger challenge for Goku.