BIGBANG is all set to make a live comeback at Coachella music festival 2020

Korean pop veterans “BIGBANG” will generate their rebound at Californian Melody festival “COACHELLA”.

The group are expected to function as part of the array on Friday April 10 and 17. BIGBANG has hold on hiatus since 2017 as representative enrolled the militant for obligatory service. T.O.P, G-DragonTaeyang and Daesung have in construction of completed their duty and recurred to social life, while youthful member Seungri resigned from the entertainment trade in 2019 Entouraging the Burning Sun scandal, for that he is presently still being questioned.

Not much else is obvious at the time about what this rebound will involve, but fans can predict a four-member BIGBANG on orchestrate at Coachella this year!

Other Asian artisans operating at the festival comprise Korean hip-hop legends Epik High, Berlin-established Korean DJ Peggy Gou, Japanese digital formation Hatsune Miku and Japanese-pop celebrity Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and a number of 88Rising artisans.

In 2017, the superstar of hip hop chant Wedding Dress Taeyang was merged to diva Min Hyo-rin. That same running year, rapper T.O.P, who also shared a Coachella snap on his Instagram, was jailed for drug use and coming after hospitalised for a drug overdose.

To date, all representatives of BIGBANG have concluded their involuntary military business.