Benedict Cumberbatch Knows His Game; Responds to Sam Elliott’s Criticism in style

Benedict Cumberbatch responded to Sam Elliott’s Review of his Netflix film

Benedict Cumberbatch made headlines when he responded to Sam Elliott’s response on The Power of the Dog.

Last week The Power of the Dog got nominated for an Oscar and everyone was in awe of the movie’s miracle.

When on one side everybody praised the film, ‘A Star is Born’ actor, Sam Elliott gave his review on Cumberbatch’s film, calling it a piece of shit.

Benedict at BAFTA Award function address the comment of Elliott and responded.

CREDIT: Netflix/Kirsty

In response, Cumberbatch responded to 1893 actor saying he knew the exact reason why he felt like that about the character. He said he took offense as how West actually portrayed in the film. Also, no matter what world still didn’t tolerated homosexuality and what made him stirs and forced to give this reaction.

What Elliott said

In the latest podcast interview, Sam Elliott got cozy with Marc Maron and talked about the movies.

On asking about the Netflix release Elliott said he didn’t like the movie at all. On asking the reason he said, he watched it even when he doesn’t like it beforehand. He said, he didn’t like how cowboys appeared in the film as he didn’t looked like typical Texan film. It was odd for him watch it. He also went critical of Cumberbatch’s charactre and didn’t like his overall performance.

sam elliott

However, media do call his statement as sexist and not welcomed his statement.

About the film

The Power of the Dog adopted from the jane Campion novel published in 1967 of the same name. It follows the story of western psychological drama in which along with Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Jesse Plemons are also playing a lead roles.