Batman and The Court of Owls runs deep! Check out the history of the sinister foes!

Batman: The Court of Owls is a Batman storyline introduced with The New 52. In particular, it introduces the guiding team of the Dark Knight, Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo.

Moreover, the storyline was published with three other launches, Born to Kill, Faces of Death and Knight Terrors.

Clearly, Batman is famous for its dark and twisted villains, and the Court of Owls is no exception. Besides, this is a secretive group which operates with no mercy.

Beware the Court of Owls,” expresses a local nursery rhyme, “that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime.”

Without a doubt, the new Batman video games hint at this secret society clashing with the beloved Caped Crusader.

First of all, Bruce Wayne encountered the secret foes for the first time when he was almost assassinated. He was attacked by a Talon during a meeting with Mayor candidate, Lincoln March.

It should be noted that the Talon died but later turned alive, escaping from the ambulance. Interestingly, Bruce’s great-great-grandfather Alan Wayne is revealed to have gone mad chanting that owls were out to get him.

Indeed, Batman goes on to investigate his ancestor’s body and recognizes the same torture methods used on a person rumored to be killed by the Court of Owls.

Nevertheless, he refuses to believe it. But, when Nightwing confronts him, he confesses that he had a suspicion that the same organization was after his parents’ seemingly normal accident. Yet, this put him in a depression with a downward spiral into insanity, so he left that possibility out.

The most influential and wealthy people of Gotham constitute the owls. They hire assassins, I.e., Talons who work to turn situations in their favor.

Subsequently, it is revealed that the Waynes had been Court of Owls rival for a long time. Following this, even the Dark Knight addressed their ire. As a result, this put the Dark Knight’s life in peril.

He discovered the headquarters of the vicious organization. But they launched an attack against Gotham deemed as Night of the Owls. In fact, they did this to control the city according to their own whim.

The fight to save the city affects every member of the Bat-Family, from Jason Todd to Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth. Batman and his allies win, but before the ruling members of the group could be punished, they seemingly committed suicide.

In conclusion, Batman is left with a lot of unanswered questions.

There are many characters throughout the series that are later revealed to be a part of the elusive organization.

The rivalry appears epic in the comics but presenting it in a video game is sure to garner more attention.