Barry or Bernie? People Get Confused Over Garth Brooks “Sanders” Jersey


Garth Brooks after his performance in Detroit on 22nd February posted a picture on his official Instagram of him wearing the former football player Barry Sanders jersey. Barry Sanders is a retired football player who is part of Hall of Flame who used to play for the Detroit Lions.

What was the confusion?

Someone in the comments section commented that Brooks has lost a fan after he supposedly supported Bernie Sanders. Another commented that Brooks should share all his money with them. Many others quickly pointed out that Brooks was referring to the former football player and not the presidential candidate. That post has more than 14,000 comments.

Brooks was playing at Ford Field with a crowd of 70,000 people in front of him. He wore that jersey to that event. To the audience Brooks said that he donned the jersey to commemorate Sanders as they went to Oklahoma State University and also because that was where the Detroit Lions play, as told to Michigan Live.

He further said in his concert that he was fortunate to wear the same jersey as Sanders wore in his college. He said that he was fortunate to attend the same school as him. He claimed that Sanders was the greatest player in NFL history.

Sanders replied back to the misunderstanding through Twitter.

Garth Brooks is not known for publicly speaking out his opinions and just keeps them to himself. Back in 2017 he said that if he had a smooth schedule then he would have performed at the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

For Trump and for the former President Obama he said that he can’t thank them enough for serving the country. He wishes that God will help President Trump in deciding what is best for the country and for making the country’s name well.