Banksy Painted New Mural Depicting “Homelessness” Vandalized.

Banksy, the anonymous street artist of England has painted a new mural at Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Banksy added a video on his Instagram handle of Ryan, a homeless man having a drink before lying on a bench at Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. As the camera zoomed out we can see two reindeer pulling him, illustrating homelessness in the place.


Soon after the post, the people began to gather around to see the mural. Not too late, a man went to the mural and vandalized it by spraying red colour on the nose of the reindeer. A woman tried to remove it but couldn’t succeed. Only it made one nose brighter than the other.

Network Rail, the wall owner put a perspex screen on the mural to prevent it from vandals. But soon another person defaced the perspex screen and it had to be replaced.

The vandalized screen is to auction off for charity and to raise money for an organization namely, ‘ Midland Langar Seva Society’.