Bad news for Marvel fans- “SPIDERMAN” is going to die, but who is going to kill him?

After the death of the much-beloved Marvel character Ironman, now comes the turn of equally loved Spiderman. The pages of Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman #12 by Marvel comic writers Tom Taylor’s and Ken Lashley is all set to witness the death of our beloved Spiderman.

New solicit for Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman #12 was released, and it clearly teases the death of Spiderman. Earlier the issue of #11 had also become the solicitation information for Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman ##12. But above all, the twist is that Spidey is himself going to investigate the mystery behind his death.

Taylor took to Twitter to confirm the death of Spiderman. Taylor, along with an apology, said that the Spiderman days were over, so now it was a good time to mention Spidey’s death.

Although there is still speculation as to how will Peter Parker investigate his death, there is confusion because Parker’s main book, Amazing Spider-Man, is still going on. Also, Peter has a role in the Absolute Carnage event.

The solicitation information of Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman #11 teases at the Mary Jane Watson. She will be seen wearing Peter’s Spiderman costume. She is also all set to have her own solo series, layer this year. So there are chances that she might be seen playing a role in whatever is happening in this issue.