Bad Crimes: Netflix Axes the Show in the Middle of Production

Netflix cancels ‘Bad Crimes’

After the cancellation of ‘Resident Evil’, ‘First Kill’, and the unclear cancellation of ‘The Chair’, here’s next member in the queue i.e., ‘Bad Crimes‘. The series is reported to be cancelled by Netflix on the hours of October 24, 2022.

The animated series was not even streamed yet and got cancelled by Netflix in the middle of production. The comedy series with voice of Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus, is reported to face the disappointment of cancellation according to the source. Nicole Silverberg, the writer, who was also the executive producer with companions Greg Daniels and Mike Judge was delighted to grab the opportunity in the past January with 10 episodes.

Netflix to not stream 'Bad Crimes' from now

Silverberg: “Netflix encourages my grossest”

Silverberg was expecting to blow everyone’s mind with the series “Bad Crimes”, and she was quite confident working with Greg and Mike and Bandera, who were the whole reason she dreamed of one day getting to write TV, she said. It was such a surreal and incredible experience working as a team she added.

Nicole Silverberg | Bad Crimes

Silverberg wanted to work with Netflix as she considers Netflix as not only permitting but also encouraging her grossest most violent comedy fantasies was a dream come true for her, she mentions. She further added by saying,” I am partnering with Erica Hayes and a genius team of writers who are building this show into something unique and special.”

“Bad Crimes” searching for new home

After facing the rejection from Netflix, the creators of “Bad crimes” are shopping somewhere else. Netflix’s way of denial was quite silent this time while it is not new for the viewers.

Netflix has cancelled many shows, but the adult comedy by Silverberg was not expected. Not even her, was expecting such a thing from Netflix.

Keep a check on the latest updates of your favourite shows, no wonder they might also get cancelled by Netflix!