Avalon: Is There Some Hope left for David E. Kelly’s crime drama after ABC’s cancellation?

ABC won’t take forward the crime based drama “Avalon”

ABC ordered the drama in February 2022, but now cancels it and have decided to not take it forward. David E. Kelley’s series which was titled “Avalon” and was about to feature Neve Campbell had high hopes for the series. It was executive produced by Michael Connelly, who also happens to be the writer of the short story.

Neve Campbell | Avalon

Apart from that other cast members included Demetrius Grosse, Alexa Mansour, Steven Pasquale, and Roslyn Ruff. The series got cancelled due to few of unavoidable reason.

Why did this happen?

According to the reports, the official logline the real reason is because of the show taking place in the main city of Avalon on Catalina Island which also happens to be the place where LA Sheriff Department Detective Nicole “Nic” Searcy (Campbell) owes a small office. The fact that Catalina being a tourist place attracts more than 1 million tourists a year cant be ignored as due to which at the arrival of ferries, hundreds of potential new stories enter the island. This will drag Searcy into something that would challenge everything about her own self and the island.

The drama was planned to premiere in 2022-2023 only. The executive production included Ross Fineman of Fineman Entertainment, Barry Jossen, Tana Jamieson and Matthew Tinker of DEK Productions. A+E Studios and 20th Television took the charge of production.
Campbell who is currently nailing the series “The Lincoln Lawyer” which is also Conelly’s book adaptation with the same will be in touch with Kelley, Connelly, Fineman, and A+E Studios.
However, this happened for the second time in the history of ABC that it cancels a show. The first was a comedy series which had the same case as of “Avalon” but with slight different reason.
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