Attack on Titan: Season 4 Part 2 is Bringing Many New Twists to the Storyline

The end begins in January 2022

The final chapter in the lives of Marleyans and Eldians will come in Attack on Titan season 4, part 2. Episode 17 is scheduled to release sometime in January 2022, and will pick up from where episode 16 left off.

What can we expect to see in the next chapter? Spoilers ahead.

Zeke’s story

Eren Jaeger

Remember that time when Zeke Yeagar was believed as the big bad villain of the show? We have seen Eren’s half brother become the war chief, win wars for Marley, carry out operations, and getting captured and defeated multiple times by Levi Ackerman.

In a flashback episode about Zeke’s childhood, we see events unfolding from little Zeke’s perspective. He was merely a tool for his parents Dina and Grisha, to bring Eldians to glory and dethrone Marley.

When Zeke was enlisted in the Warrior program where kids are given Titan powers, he came across Tom Xaver, the former Beast Titan. The two formed an excellent relationship, and Xaver was more of a father to Zeke than Grisha ever was. Zeke soon figured out that his parents were restorationists, and Xaver convince him to turn against his parents so that Zeke himself wouldn’t be turned into a pure Titan when they eventually get caught.

Eren vs Reiner

Eren Jaeger's final form

Eren and his new team, called the Yeagerists head over to Marley to start the Rumbling. His plan is to wipe every other nation so that Eldia has no more enemies. Pieck, the Cart Titan interferes and keeps Eren busy until reinforcements arrive. The Jaw Titan springs from below and bites Eren’s legs off, leaving him with no choice but to transform. He now prepares for a fight with Reiner and the Marleyan army who are approaching from the sky.

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