Arrest warrant issued for “R Kelly”! Is fans loyalty going to help him out behind the bars? Read more to find out more!!!!

American singer and songwriter R. Kelly who also goes by the name “King of pop-soul” is currently facing a lot of problems. After he was arrested for criminal sexual abuse, sex crimes, child pornography, kidnapping, and forced labor, things are getting even more complicated now. R. Kelly was going to be moved out of the solitary confinement. But reports say that the pop singer didn’t appear at the court on the assigned dates. When Kelly was asked about it, his response was that he wasn’t informed about the dates, and that is why he didn’t show up. Hence, the police have issued an arrest warrant for him. And that will be just another added problem on his already long list.

As a famous pop singer, Kelly has many fans. And these fans have shown their loyalty in his time of need. Fans are saying that R. Kelly is being treated unfairly, and he doesn’t deserve to go through all of this. As of now, Kelly hasn’t opened his mouth about his current situation and has kept mum. However, Kelly’s attorney blames the court, saying that the court was responsible for handing over Kelly.

Kelly’s fans over the world have chosen social media as a platform to show their support for the “King of R&B,” and they have been giving their opinions regarding this matter. Fans are saying that Kelly is being set up, and he is being played with. They have also blamed the judge FBI district attorney for treating him unfairly. Some dedicated fans were also shouting to free Kelly as he was released from Chicago’s southwest side jail. Fans have been pouring in who wanted to help Kelly get bail.

Among all the love from fans and their dedication towards Kelly, the court has stood by theirs. So, we are yet to see how the situation unfolds in the near future.