Arnold Schwarzenegger Drops Bombshell in Exclusive Interview: You Won’t Believe What He Said About Chris Pratt!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Epic Return to Television with Netflix Series “FUBAR”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary actor and former California governor, is causing a stir once again as he gears up for his highly anticipated Netflix series, “FUBAR,” an acronym for “F***ed Up Beyond All Repair.” After a successful career in Hollywood, Schwarzenegger is making a grand comeback to the small screen, capturing the attention of fans everywhere.

During a lively interview with Extra TV, the Hollywood action star couldn’t contain his excitement about his upcoming series. Amidst the conversation, he dropped some intriguing details about his chess matches with his son-in-law, the talented actor Chris Pratt.

One of the highlights of “FUBAR” is Schwarzenegger’s on-screen chemistry with Monica Barbaro, who portrays his daughter in the show. During the interview, Barbaro delighted viewers by showcasing her impressive Arnold impersonation, which further highlighted the close bond between the two actors.

As the discussion progressed, the topic shifted to chess, and the anchor mentioned Pratt’s recent revelation that he had never defeated Schwarzenegger in a chess contest. Displaying his characteristic modesty, the Austrian Oak came to his son-in-law’s defense and showered him with praise for his chess skills, declaring, “I think he’s extraordinary.”

When asked about his victories over Pratt, the former Mr. Olympia explained that they had played chess together, but given Pratt’s novice level, it wasn’t a fair competition. Nevertheless, Schwarzenegger acknowledged Pratt’s progress, commending his dedication and quick learning abilities, stating, “Chris Pratt has just started playing, but he’s incredibly focused, very intelligent, and a fast learner.”

The interview also unveiled Schwarzenegger’s unwavering dedication to chess. The Top Gun actor shared a humorous incident when the cast surprised him on his birthday, carrying desserts and cigars while singing “happy birthday” outside his trailer. However, Schwarzenegger remained inside, completely absorbed in his ongoing chess game. When questioned about it, the Terminator explained, “I was in the middle of the game, almost losing, so I had to stay focused.”

Throughout his illustrious career, Schwarzenegger has consistently demonstrated his versatility and unwavering commitment to success. From his bodybuilding days, where he reigned as a 7-time Mr. Olympia champion, to his ventures in acting and politics, he has captivated audiences with his determination and relentless drive. Now, with his highly-anticipated return to television in “FUBAR,” fans can’t wait to witness Schwarzenegger’s unique blend of action and charisma grace the small screen once again.

In this thrilling new venture, the 75-year-old action icon will make his television debut alongside Monica Barbaro in the Netflix series, scheduled to premiere on May 25. Get ready for an electrifying ride as Schwarzenegger brings his unparalleled charm and excitement to audiences worldwide in “FUBAR.”