After Five Glorious Years of Marriage, are George and Amal Clooney Heading for Separation?

It’s rumored that George and Amal Clooney’s marriage is on the rocks and that the couple is headed for an expensive divorce

It’s been five years since George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin. The couple will be celebrating their sixth anniversary in September.

But, it seems that the couple is having a tough time quarantining together. The couple was used to being apart due to their professions, but since the lockdown started and they are forced to be together, things are apparently not working out well.

Quarantine Struggles

The Batman and Robin actor is used to travelling around the world for his shooting schedules at different locations while leaving his wife to focus on her own career as a barrister. But ever since the forced lockdown, the two seem to be butting heads over something or the other.

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The Globe reported that the two couldn’t stand each other in close quarters and are reportedly going to have a $500 million divorce.

A source spoke out saying that George cannot handle being bossed around by his wife, and Amal is finding it “suffocating and tedious” of picking up after her husband.

Globe’s reputation is questionable, and we can’t simply believe what they say. But other tabloids have been reporting since February about the couple’s messy marriage. According to Radar Online, it was reported that the actor had not been visiting his twins that he had with Amal.

Most of their fights are due to their different lifestyles. Amal is reportedly very business-minded, and George is all about having a good time. There had also been reports of George cheating on his wife with Julia Roberts, and later, with Meghan Markle, but such rumors can’t be bought blindly.

Meanwhile, George had nothing but praise for his wife during an interview. He said they were the “right couple” and the “perfect team.”