Andy Serkis Made A Big Revelation About The Upcoming Matt Reeves’ Batman Movie: it might get real dark this time!

The upcoming Batman movie is creating a stir amongst fans for all the right reasons. Robert Pattinson’s starrer film is making headlines because of the unique casting and also the director’s perspective, which is going to be different.  Let us take a look at all the details of rather big information about the film.

Andy Serkis Made Some Big Revelation About The Upcoming Batman Movie! Here’s What We Know.

Moreover, Andy Serkis has revealed some more details about the upcoming Batman movie, and fans just cannot miss these exciting details. The actor said that this film is going to be way darker than the previous Batman movies.

Andy star as Alfred and Robert Pattinson play Batman. Moreover, the actor said that it would throw light about the emotional connection between Alfred and Bruce. That’s really at the center of the upcoming movie.

We Might Get To Know More About Alfred And Batman’s Equation In The New Batman Movie.

Matt Reeves also has some great ideas and views for the film, and the director is also going to focus on the psychological issues the world in the life of iconic caped crusader. The film is also rumored to have more than one antagonist as well. So expect a lot of action!

While the director has some big plans, the casting of Robert Pattinson is also a huge step forward, and with a much younger actor being cast compared to the last one, we are sure that we will explore more of Bruce Wayne’s backstory. That is somewhat the same thing that was done in the newest Joker movie as well. So this successful step might be adopted by Matt Reeves as well.