And The Hugh Jackman x Ryan Reynolds Comical Feud Continues…..

Recently the Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds appeared for an interview at the Australian’s ‘Today’ show for the promotion of his new movie ‘ 6 Underground ‘. There he added a new chapter to the social feud between him and Hugh Jackman. He called the Wolverinefraud and evil ‘.

Teasing Jackman, he said on the show, “He’s just an evil person. You guys have all been duped…

“You think he is this benevolent ambassador from your country, people don’t realize he is from Winnipeg, Canada… The Truth makes your eyes water. Hugh Jackman is a fraud.”

He said that the Sydney born Jackman was not a true Australian but in actuality, he was a Canadian from Winnipeg.

In real life, both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are good friends but they have been creating this fictional feud on Social media since the first Deadpool movie was released in 2016.

Recently Hugh Jackman added a video on Instagram, congratulating John Legend on winning the title of Sexiest man alive.

John Legend got confused and commented: “Wait so you’re the 99 and Reynolds is the 1? Or vice versa?”. Both the stars have worked together before in X-Men Origins: Wolverine(2009), where they played the same roles they are known for.

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After this mischief by Ryan Reynolds, Hugh added an edited poster of Ryan’s upcoming movie ‘ The Free Guy ‘, where he was standing in place of Reynolds. Also, he tweeted a photo replying to Reynolds which you can see at the top of the article.