An Edgy relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has ended but the Law Suit, a never ending story still in progress! Surprising twists inside!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are now becoming Hollywood’s hottest news. As the days go by both, the actors have been putting one allegation on another. Johnny Depp says that all the accusations his ex-wife Amber Heard has made were all false and in turn question her about the authenticity of the evidence she is presenting before the media.

Johnny Depp firstly questions Amber Heard of her injuries. Amber Heard has shown various accusations to the world recently. But this is ironical that she is doing this right after Johnny Depp has made a $50 million defamation lawsuit against her. Johnny Depp took the fight to another level when he questioned Amber Heard about the authenticity of the bruises she showed. Johnny is now taunting Amber as to how these bruises are disappearing after two to three days. The Pirates of the Caribbean star states that he has never been violent to any women in his life, let alone his wife.

Amber Heard’s lawyer has made another accusation on Johnny Depp that he has put the actress through psychological angst along with physical abuse.  Amber Heard lawyer adds that Johnny Depp is trying to manipulate everyone by dismissing Amber’s accusations, especially the psychological abuses.

To counter this, Johnny Depp has shared a picture with a bruise on his face. He captioned this picture that this is the result when his ex-wife has an outburst. Johnny Depp said that Amber Heard had thrown a bottle at him, resulting in the bruise on his face. Johnny added that even his finger was bruised in the incident. Amber Heard encountered this and said that Johnny Depp was quite violent during their marriage. She further added that she was slapped, trashed, and even chocked at times.

As the fight between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues, it seems that both the celebs are going to open their secret box and violent outbursts.