‘American Song Contest’ : Snoop Dogg & Kelly Clarkson to anchor NBC’s Musical battle Series

‘American Song Contest’ host Snoop Dogg & Kelly Clarkson

Snoop Dogg & Kelly Clarkson to host the revolutionary musical battle NBC’s ‘American Song Contest’ starting from March 21. Moreover, NBC announced the release of this ‘European Song Contest’ influenced show in a promo. The introduction of show and anchor publicized in the Super Bowl LVI on 13th February. In addition, this Eurovision song battle will equip the TV for eight weeks with grand final on May 9.

American Song Contest
CREDIT – kellyclarkson

Deep down the schedules and rules of ‘American Song Contest’

Inspired by ‘European Song Contest’, the singing competition will go on live with public voting their favourite contestant. The one who thrills more hearts and gain more votes will win the round. Moreover, the live broadcast of ‘American Song Contest’ will begin March 21. A new episode will telecast every Monday nights.

American Song Contest
CREDIT – snoopdogg

Following the paths of 65 years old blockbuster musical series, the show will run on its rules and will feature singers from all over US. Moreover, as per the rule, either an artist, duo or band from every state and territory will represent their own land. In addition to this, there will total 56 seats.

The contestants counting one from each states (50), US territories (5) and Washington, DC. Furthermore, the soulful journey will roll on for 8 weeks and will come to its climax on May9. The semi-finals and finals will be available on both NBC and its sister streaming platform Peacock.

Host and Crew of the Revolutionary musical Journey

The host of the much awaited contest Kelly Clarkson aka Miss Texas showed her curiosity and excitement saying about her love towards Eurovision. Moreover, she added look into a varied styles and cultures within a show. Following her, acclaimed rapper Snoop Dogg also shared his happiness to host this revolutionary music battle with little sister Clarkson with honoured words.

American Song Contest
CREDIT – snoopdogg

NBC’s ‘American Song Contest’ will be produced under Propagate with Universal Television Alternative Studio. Moreover, many notable personalities like Audrey Morrissey, Kyra Thompson, Anders Lenhoff, Amanda Zucker, Christer Björkman and more will together executive produce the series. Apace with them, Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens of Propagate with host Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson will also serve as executive producers.