Jamie Lynn Sigler Excited As Sopranos Features In The Chevrolet Ad

Jamie Lynn Sigler shares her experience with Chevrolet Super Bowl ad

Jamie Lynn Sigler was all excited when she got to do the recent Chevrolet Super Bowl commercial. Certainly, she was thrilled to have one of her character reprised for the ads of Chevrolet this time. Luckily playing back again Meadow Soprano was all that made her happy and she talked a lot about her experience doing the ad.

Meadow Soprano the characters features in Chevrolet ad

Jamie Lynn Sigler
Instagram/ Jamie Lynn Sigler

Excited Jamie Lynn Sigler shared a lot about her role brought to life once again for a new ad with electric Silverado. Elated Jamie shared that David Chase and Phil Abraham were the man behind the Chevrolet ad whom she worked with in The Sopranos as well.

In a recent interview with a leading website she was seen spilling the beans on her recent Super Bowl commercial and working with David and Phil once again. Moreover, she called it an amazing experience to have played the role once again for the newly launched electric Silverado.

Robert Iler too made a comeback in the Chevrolet ad

Robert Iler who seen playing a role in The Sopranos as Meadow’s brother A. J Soprano too had a cameo in the Super Bowl commercial for Chevrolet. Alabama 3 “Woke Up This Morning” was the theme song for the ad while Jamie in the ad was seen driving the car in the ad.

Robert Iler
Instagram/ Jamie Lynn Sigler

While Robert had a little role in the ad Jamie was happy to get her role of Meadow given a chance for the occasion of Super Bowl ad. Nonetheless, a decade long character of Jamie made her honoured with the Chevrolet ad this year when it was Super Bowl that was all the highlight for this year. Moreover, having the same guys David and Phil to work with made her feel comfortable at the same time.