AMC’s Interview With the Vampire Premiere Recap: Commence The Powerful Interview

Anne Rice’s famous novel makes its television debut after the ’90s movie

AMC’s Interview With The Vampire opens in 1910 New Orleans, where a gay Black man is struggling to conceal his true identity as he lives among people who will not accept the real him. Time passes and we now see 2022 Dubai. The same man, who is immortal, is living in luxury while the world around him is ravaged by plague and violence.

Yes, this is an adaptation that is very different.

Interview With the Vampire Episode 1

Interview With the Vampire

Adapting something like Rice’s Vampire Chronicles is a tough job, but the writers have mixed in modernization, a big change of times, and new backstories for the main characters, giving Interview With the Vampire a solid start.

We see the jaded journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian), always drunk or high, and always arguing with management over his choice of articles. In 1973, Daniel conducted an interview that ended in him getting a nasty scar on his neck and a story that can be easily interpreted as delusion. But that past has come again when he received a package of audio cassettes from that interview, and orders to hop on a plane to Dubai despite there being a global pandemic and having Parkinson’s. He meets the vampire Louis de Pointe (Jacob Anderson) to finish the interview from about 50 years ago. Daniel then gets his interview with the vampire as Louis then proceeds to continue his story and we are taken back to the 1910s.

The Overall Episode

Interview With the Vampire

The episode goes on to detail the hardships and relationships that Louis had gone through, one that still weighs heavily on his heart. The acting is brilliant, and more importantly, the reinvention of a beloved classic is brilliant.

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