Amalgamation of Many Elements: Ozark Season 3 has Returned Displaying Brilliance Yet Again – Review


Ozark is a Netflix original and it is a kind of series that you shouldn’t miss, it has crime drama thriller. The show starts it’s main character as Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney). In the first season we saw Bateman is forced to do illegal money laundering for a Mexican drug dealer, since the previous work he did got screwed up so badly that he have to relocate his whole family to another place known as “Ozark”.

This series is often compared to “Breaking bad” since this also involves a simple man turning into a criminal for sake of his family. However the series got pretty nice reviews from the critics and is heading to season 4 now.

If you haven’t watched the series yet and still looking for all the reasons to do so, here is why?

In the end of first season in order to save Marty’s family he goes through all the dirty work, and everything seems to go worse for him, as he has to pay the debt, a lot of debt. He dragged Pastor in his wrongdoings by offering him church to launder his money. However, he back stabbed him by telling his Snell’s drug operation. The Snell’s being so pissed off kills Party’s wife just after she gives birth to newborn child.

And now in the end of season 2, Marty and Wendy need to build a casino to help with the money laundering. The most lethal enemy being the Kansas, since they are major roadblocks in life of Marty and Wendy. Meanwhile the main twist that happened in season 2 was the division of faith between Marty and Wendy, as Wendy decides to be on the other side.

Since now their are many things which are still left on the hook, all of which you will get to know after you decide to watch season 3.