#MeToo: Rose McGowan Lashes Out at Alyssa Milano for Refuting the Sexual Assault Allegations on Joe Biden


#MeToo movement brought up many sexual assault and rape cases since the day it was coined in 2017. Many big celebrities came up with name of those ugly faces that did “bad” to them. One of the shocking cases was coined by 45 year old McGowan; she accepted that she was raped by Weinstein at the Sundance film festival in 1997.

In fact, McGowan avoids taking his name and he is mostly known as “The Monster”. She also said that sometimes it is easy to handle it but other days it pins like a bullet which makes her really hard to handle all of it. Since the day she accepted this, she is sanding strong right with the #MeToo movement and all the victims coming up.

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Recently, she attacked Alyssa Milano for denying the allegations of sexual assaults on Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.These allegations on Joe Biden were put up by a former staffer, Tara Reade. She worked at Joe’s Senate Office in 1993. In an interview with Katie Halper, she said that he did very inappropriate touches to her and also went underneath her clothes.

In fact, there are many women who stood against him and accused him for sexual assault. McGowan tweeted against Alyssa Milano calling her fraud. To which Alyssa replied that she has already explained her silence in a clip on allegations on Joe Biden.

On SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” show, Milano said that we should believe in women but that doesn’t mean there will be no proper investigation. She said that, “this doesn’t take the men’s right to proceed the process of their side of investigation. It is good to have equal investigation on both the side.