Allen Leech and wife Jessica’s biggest secret revealed at the red carpet of the Downton Abbey!


The Irish actor Allen Leech has always been a keeper of secrets. However, his latest secret was entirely unexpected. On Monday night at the premiere of his film Downton Abbey. Leech walked on the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square with his wife, Jessica Blair Herman.Image result for Downton's Allen Leech and wife reveal pregnancy on red carpet So what is the secret in it? The secret is that while walking on the red carpet, Jessica was flaunting her baby bump. Yes, you got it right, Jessica is five months pregnant.

Downton Abbey premiere:

At the Downton Abbey premiere, Allen was wearing a black tuxedo and, Jessica was wearing a golden gown. They both were looking adorable while, posing for the pictures. In one pose, Jessica was cradling her baby bump. It was the moment of the night.

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Leech’s marriage:

After a long relationship of three years, Leech and Jessica decided to make things official. So in February 2018, they got engaged. Not long after that, they decided walking the aisle. On 5 January 2019, they got married in Solvang, California. Many stars and celebrities attended their grand reception. 

Downton Abbey:

Downton Abbey is a British historical period drama film. The director of the film is Michael Engler. The film is based on a famous series, that has the same name. The cast of the film includes Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Michelle Dockery, Maggie Smith, and Imelda Staunton. However, Allen Leech will be playing the role of Tom Branson.