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All she wanted was a Disney Princess wedding: Bride spends 17K pounds on her Disney themed wedding and fulfilled her childhood obsession!

Almost every girl grows up obsessing over Disney and at least once in their lifetime dream for a Disney themed wedding, although hardly such dreams come true. But this Disney obsessed English girl Kristy Goldsmith, made sure she has her dream of a Disney themed wedding come true and that too on a great budget.

When Kristy’s to be husband Simon proposed to her for marriage at Cinderella’s Royal Table, she set her heart on a Disney themed wedding. However, after tracking all the Disney bits that she needed for her dream wedding, Kristy realized that everything was quite out of her budget.

But Kristy was not one of those who would give up on her dream so easily. She decided to design everything- right from champagne glasses and cake toppers to just married tees- herself for her dream wedding. And that just cost her only 17,000 pounds, while the average cost of a wedding in the U.K. is 32,000 pounds.

Kristy’s Disney extravaganza kicked off with the hen party were her maid of honors asked the wedding guests to either dress up in black or red, whereas Kristy wore a pretty dress with a Minnie Mouse veil, Minnie Mouse nails and a cute pair of Minnie Mouse heels. The venue was decorated with Disney balloons as Kristy threw a Disney quiz and made Minnie Mouse cupcakes.

“We planned everything on spreadsheets. This tracked saving, budget, deposits, and also an itinerary of what needed to be done when. It went perfectly. I found it very hard to find anything Disney for the wedding which wasn’t very expensive, so I decided to try and do it myself. My favorite moment was arriving at the venue and listening to the orchestral Disney songs playing. It took me right back to Disney when we got engaged, and that’s when it became real. I didn’t want loads of ‘in your face’ stuff, so I knew by doing it myself, I could take something classic and put a hint of Disney into it,” said Kristy sharing her experience of the wedding.