After successful delivery of “Jane, the Virgin”, “The CW” is Planning Tribute Special Episode for “Supernatural” and “Arrow!” How are they expected to end?

This year has been full of heartfelt goodbyes for the geek community. With the massive hit of Avengers End Game, many television shows including Gotham, Game of Thrones and even Marvel Cinematic Universe has ended. And due to these circumstances, we will have to bid a goodbye to both Arrow and Supernatural, unfortunately.

A still from Supernatural.

Both the shows have accomplished such tremendous respect and fan love among the whole audience, but they will have to put it into an end. Supernatural having 15 seasons while Arrow having eight seasons will have to call for a break and stop. CW President Mark Pedowitz said that they would plan a tribute episode for “Arrow” as well as “Supernatural.” Since the tribute special aired for “Jane, the Virgin” had gone quite well. It is not much of a surprise for CW President, and he has toyed with such kind of situations already that these kinds of circumstances seem to be nothing.

A still from Arrow.

As far as for the concern of CW, it had already tackled with such specials when Arrow got a “Year One” special in 2013 which recapped the season 1. And then after the sophomore in Arrow, “A Very Special Supernatural Special” was aired preceding its respective tenth season.

Both the series, Arrow and Supernatural coming to an end in 2020, the CW in next year’s broadcast would be different in the calendar. The further broadcast would be made at different times than they are right now. We had the previous reports about the Arrow while the news about Supernatural is new information among all.

As a finale to both the shows, on 10th of October at 8 pm, Supernatural will have its premiere of the last season and then later on after a week, Arrow would be premiered on 15 October.