After Stranger Things, “Satanic Panic” is getting popularity!! How come Stranger Things related?

Horror movies have a different fan base among their lovers. Horror movies cover the part of the society which has not been experienced by all but is believed to exist. Not talking about the myths and facts of spooky and supernatural horror factors, there have been many movies created on such topics every single movie having its object and Goosebumps factor. They are movies from the earlier times till the modern days.

The upcoming horror movie SATANIC PANIC, an RLJE Film has now released its poster and trailer. The 2019 film is a comedy horror film that is. It comprises of humor with the horrifying scenes. Directed by Chelsea Stardust, it is based on a screenplay written by Grady Hendrix.

The plot of the film is that when a pizza delivery girl goes to deliver a pizza. When she, later on, realizes that the pizza she gave to is a group of high society Satanists who intent on turning her into a virgin sacrifice. And now, she has to fight for her life, keeping her soul and body intact. Starring Hayley Griffith “the loudest voice,” Ruby Modine “happy death day franchise,” Jerry O’Connell “billions” and Rebecca Romijn “X-Men franchise.” It would an extremely entertaining movie with a mixture of horror and comedy.

In the movie, Rebecca Romijn is playing as Danica Ross, Hayley Griffith as Samantha, Jerry O’Connell as Samuel, etc., Satanic Panic was first announced in 2015 in Variety. The plans and creation of the film were announced on June 2018.

The film seems to be getting a lot of popularity in a post Stranger Things media landscape, which is also a sci-fi horror based series. The movie is more of the 80’s- style horror movie. It would fill the viewer’s need for monster, mayhem, and jokes said Robert Saucedo, Birth, Movies, and Death.