After a Shocking Twist in ‘The Bachelorette,’ a New Face is All Set to Make her Debut

It seems like fans got to witness a shocking turn of events as something surprising happened in the popular reality show, The Bachelorette! What are we talking about? Well, all the details are given right here!

Clare Crawley Is Already Engaged To Dale Moss! What’s Next?

Clare Crawley took a rather iconic decision and decided to skip all the events and sixteen men fighting for her love! Why? Well, she is engaged to Dale Moss! Yes, she has made her decision and it is Dale Moss. This implies that someone new might be coming soon!

Crawley had her heart set on Moss and now that she has made her decision a bit earlier than the show’s normal setting goes, she exited the show. Moreover, the makers have already introduced her replacement and the new face has already broken her silence over it. She is arriving soon and the official social media page has already unveiled all the secrets about this new person who will be making her entry soon enough.

Tayshia Adams Is The Newest Bachelorette In Town!

Tayshia Adams is the newest Bachelorette in town! After this room a surprising turn of events with Crawley leaving midway, the remaining men were left all confused but were soon informed that a new bachelorette is going to arrive as the show must go on!  Here’s the short teaser that confirms the upcoming new twist in the show.

Tayshia Adams is all set to make a memorable entry which has already started with an interesting new teaser that further confirms her entry in the Bachelorette. So, get ready to meet her as she is on her way to find one true love!