Actress Julia Sawalha Posted an Angry Tweet After Not Being casted For Chicken Run 2!! Check it out.

It seems like Actress Julia Sawalha is not returning to reprise her role as Ginger in Chicken Run 2 on Netflix. However, the actress when asked about the reason for her not returning, the answer is pretty shocking and fans would like to have a look at it.

Actress Julia Sawalha Is Not Returning For Chicken Run 2 And The Reason Is Pretty Shocking!

Apparently, the producers and makers have told the actress that her voice is now too old for the role. While Julia herself was pretty keen to be on board for the second part as well, she received an email via her agent saying that they are now looking for a younger actress to voice Ginger.

However, the actress went on to say that she is not one of those people who leave things without a fight so she even did a voice teats at home and sent it to.the producers to prove that she sounds the same. Although she received a written response from a creative member saying that they recasting anyway. Take a look at the tweet made by the actress.

The Actress Has Confessed That She Feels Powerless About This Sudden Decision Made By The Producers!

Fans were surprised to.know that even actor Mel Gibson is also not returning as Rocky! So, in this case, Julia has gone on to say that one of the original cast members return frankly, it is going to be a bit unfair to her!

The actress went on to post a tweet clarifying the reason why she was not recast and that she is feeling powerless at this point. She also used the hashtag of ageism and calls out the makers of the second installment .