A Homage or Disrespect – Cardi B Receives Backlash on Social Media for her Disrespectful Photoshoot towards Hindu Culture

Recently, American Rapper Cardi B launched her footwear collection. She collaborated with Reebok for her footwear collection. Dystopian world was Cardi’s inspiration. She also implemented her experience from previous iconic moments. Although, Cardi is receiving a lot of appreciations but the reactions are mixed. The reason of mixed reaction is not her footwear but a recent post by Reebok in which Cardi is posing like a Hindu Goddess.

What actually the issue is?

Footwear News posted a picture in which Cardi B poses 10 limbs which represent Goddess Durga. She is also holding a shoe in one of her limb. the caption of the post was away more disappointing than the picture itself. The caption said that Cardi B is paying homage to Durga who represent protection and inner strength. Moreover, they also compared Hindu Goddess, Durga and Cardi B as dominant female who have audacity to take actions.  Clearly, it shows how caption and the picture both are misleading. The anger of the people is totally justified.

Courtesy: MorningPicker

What was the reaction of people?

Obviously, people busted out in anger and mocked hard Cardi B. One user said that, Cardi B is not paying any homage but instead she is disrespecting the Goddess.


Another user said that, shoes are not even allowed in temples and the logic behind the post is totally disgusting.

However, Cardi later apologized and posted 3 to 4 videos on her Instagram story. Cardi said that, she was told that she is representing a Hindu Goddess in the picture and nothing more.

Above all, Footwear News also apologized for the content they posted. They also took the responsibility and said that they have learned a lot from it.

Courtesy: Instagram