A Contestant Broke Into Tears and Thanked Alex Trebek for his Contribution on Jeopardy!

Fans just cannot get enough of the popular game show Jeopardy and their host Alex Trebek! Recently, something happened on the show that made us realize why we all love the show and the host himself!

One Of The Contestant Became Emotional And Recalled A Special Memory On Jeopardy!

In a recent episode of Jeopardy, an Indian migrant, Albert Thakur won $20,400 on the show and broke down in tears while talking to Alex. Albert Thakur became a bit emotional when asked about whether there are family members who are watching him right now. Here’s a little sneak peek into the latest episode of the show.

Albert became all nostalgic and recalled how he used to sit on his grandfather’s lap and watch the show and even learned English while watching Jeopardy. He thanked Alex for being such a big influence on him and further said that this moment is extremely special for him. He mentioned that this experience is something that even money cannot buy.

Albert Thakur Thanked Host Alex Trebek And Mentioned This Moment To Be Extremely Special!

The video has been uploaded on the show’s official social media page and fans have been congratulating Albert on his big win! The show is indeed an extremely popular one that has been running successfully for decades. Jeopardy has a huge fan base and Alex Trebek is surely one of the reasons behind the show’s popularity.

The host is struggling with cancer and fans have always been very supportive of him all through this difficult Journey of his. The latest episode is a testimony of how it is not just a game show but much more than that for their fans.