50 Cents’ Défense for POTUS got him Serious Reprimanding from Ex-Girlfriend Chelsea Handler

This world is a place of many events and happenings. One has experienced different variations of humans and has never stopped being surprised. One event ends and the other starts with a new set of surprises. Not once have we seen events that happened or are happening in life that stop amazing us with surprises. The USA is one of the most powerful countries in this world and the ruler of the country the strongest man in the world with every power that one can imagine. Be it Hollywood or any other industry in other countries, there are people who are involved in several works and are a part of the major or the minor processes in politics.

Whatever be the outcome, the influence of politics in several spheres of life is usually observed and is quite evident. Some people get into serious repercussions with the advances that they make politically, while some influential ones are easy to get through with the outcomes or the thrashings that they could face online.

50 Cent Is No Longer Chelsea Handler's 'Favorite' Ex Due to Donald Trump Support - Up News Info
picture: up news info

What is the recent event that took place in Hollywood?

The USA elections are bringing to light several aspects of the Hollywood industries, with some people expressing openly their views. 50 cents is a singer in the industry and the famous personality of the industry. His relationship with Chelsea Handler had been in the news for quite some time in the past and continues to remain even now.

With his relationship with Handler breaking, 50 Cents was one of her favourite exes and now this favouritism has gone down with the singer deciding to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming elections. While it is acceptable to express one’s personal views on politics and politicians, there are several barriers that cause a hindrance to this expression and the freedom in it