Megan Fox: More than what meets the eye; Surprising facts about the actress!

Born in Tennessee, Megan Fox starred in 2007 in the film ‘Transformers,’ and she grew up to fame overnight. In 2008 the fashion magazine FHM Online poll also called her the “sexiest woman in the world.” The actress continues to star in projects such as “Jennifers Body” and “Teenagers Mutant Ninja Turtles,” since being a global phenomenon in the “Transformers” films.

Now, 34 years of age, Fox keeps acting and shares her husband, Brian Austin Green, with three children. And although many individuals may think like that by playing the screen we know Fox, the actress has much more than the face meets — from her appreciation of comics and her alliance to speak in languages.

  • “I wanted to be an actress. This was the only thing my mother ever said that I needed to do. I looked at ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when I was 4 or 5 and I kept asking her to call me Dorothy for one year. “I decided that I wanted to be an actress when My mama told me that Dorothy wasn’t really real, that a performer was playing her,” she told the New York Times in the 2009 interview.
  • When she was only fifteen years old, Fox was an additional in “Bad Boys II.”
  • Originally from the Irish, French, and Native American backgrounds, she was raised as Megan Denise Fox on May 16, 1986.
  • When she discovered her motivation to become an actress, she was only three years old. Her motivation was derived from Dorothy, the leading figure of the Wizard of Oz, and the traditional Hollywood film.

  • When she began performing scenes and dance up on stage, she was only five years old. She was also a swimming team member and in 1994 she broke the world record for the under 8 swimming medley.
  • Though she was the target of several young people, when she lived with her parents, Megan had no permission to date. But sometimes she sneaked out of her house and met the kids.
  • Megan was promising at a very early age. She won also at 13 at the American Modeling & Talent conference in 1999 an amount of talent and designing competitions.
  • Megan was once taken as a teenager by Wal-Mart to make-up articles. She tried to claim that this was an accident but had been forced to serve as a punishment. The Wal-Mart in her old hometown was also forbidden to her.
  • Only at age of 16, Megan got her initial break-in “Holiday in the Sun,” the 2001 teen flick, with the part of a spotless brat named Brianna Wallace.
  • The Megan Fox we know should have been able to lunch until it grew high in Hollywood for a great white shark. She had been an incredible surfer and had a near trip with one of the bright blue monsters on one point.