HBO Renewed the Documentary Series, How To With John Wilson

John Wilson Is Up With The Third Season

How To With John Wilson is an American comedy television show. It is a document series created by John Wilson, a filmmaker. Recently, in February this series was renewed for the third season.

How to with John Wilson series
From Twitter @howtojohnwilson

The executive producers of the series are Nathan Fielder, Michael Koman and Clark Reinkin and it airs on HBO.

John’s Comment On The Script

In an interview with variety, John told that, he tries to draft a rough script every time of what might happen in an episode. Thereafter, he gives the script to the production house and tries to put the plan into action. Further, he says that every single script of his is written again and again from the ground till the time they are done with editing.

In addition to that, he says that they have to rewrite the script numerous times. This is because they have been writing to those shots which they had never thought of.

He feels that all the re-written scripts are so much better than the script which was written roughly.

Briefing The Past

The series was premiered on 23rd of October 2020. Later, in December, John renewed the series for the second season which had its debut in the 2021.

Below is the trailer of the season 2 finale


In the first season, there were many turns in it. Even though, every part of it were grounded to John’s honesty. This series, after its first season was named the best half hour comedy in 2020 by The New York Times.

In the last season of the document series, the filmmaker self-describes Anxious New Yorker. In that, he continues his cordial mission of discovering himself, exploring and observing as he shoots the lives of the New Yorkers. He does that while he tries to give advice of six new topics every day.