Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Review: A Superhero Origin Story Mixed With a Teenage Sitcom

Ms. Marvel is taking a more grounded, relatable approach

Ms. Marvel is out, and here are the reviews for the first episode. Phase 4 has been mainly about the multiverse, and constantly reminds heroes that they are but frogs in a well, and that there is always something bigger out there. But with their strategy of telling stories through miniseries in Disney+, Marvel Studios can simultaneously offer a take on more grounded origin stories. And that is what Ms. Marvel will be about.

About Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios

Episode 1 is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, with Bisha K. Ali serving as writer and showrunner. It starts off with a cute animated sequence told by 16-year-old Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a high school student and a massive Captain Marvel fan. She has made it as a video for her YouTube channel, and talks about the Avengers’ fight against Thanos, but the reason for their victory was because of Carol Danvers.

Kamala is your typical teenager, but with extra strict parents. We see her trying to make it home without breaking curfew, sneaking out to attend AvengersCon, and trying to get her driver’s license. We see that Kamala is at that stage where she has to worry about the future, and that her actions have consequences. And that’s when superpowers get involved as well. Her parents Yusuf (Mohan Kapur) and Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) are the stereotypical immigrant parents who tend to be extremely strict.

The only hint of what’s to come is when Muneeba’s mother sends them a box of trinkets. Kamala takes out a bangle, which later gives her her powers. There is a subtle hint that she is very like her grandmother, meaning there are secrets in the Khan family.

In Conclusion

Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel is what we have expected so far, with a pretty ordinary first episode. The actors play their roles well, and it’s interesting to see Marvel’s first-ever Muslim superhero brought to life. It’s difficult to say how the story will proceed, but for now, Ms. Marvel is definitely a fun watch.

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