Moon Knight Season Finale Review – “Gods and Monsters”

Moon Knight- A worthy MCU entrant

We have now come to the end of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac has made a massive entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we could see why the actor was so excited to star be a producer. Before we go in detail, know that there are major spoilers ahead.

Moon Knight Finale Review

Moon Knight

Since episode 1, Moon Knight had focused more on the main character’s psychology than on the action. That pretty much continued until the final episode, but we got to see something grand. If we count out the Thor movies, Moon Knight is the first Marvel project to showcase a fight between gods. Ammit got resurrected by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), and her immense power and philosophy was presented. Khonshu got resurrected thanks to Layla (May Calamawy), but he proved to be inferior to Ammit and her followers.

Phase 4 of the MCU has given a lot of emphasis on the emotional aspects. This show has further elevated it, with the tear-jerking episode 5. But similar to the other shows, the ending leans over towards action and some of the emotion gets lost there. However, Moon Knight somehow managed to focus on everything in a relatively shorter episode.

The Ending


After we got to see Marc and Steven switching personalities seamlessly, Layla Getting Goddess Tawaret’s powers, and the Kaiju-styled brawl between Khonshu and Ammit, the show ended. But, there are always post credit scenes. And with that comes personality three of Marc Spector known as Jake Lockley. A secret side that has been teased from the start, Lockley briefly popped up in the final fight and nearly bludgeons Harrow to death.

In the post credits, Harrow is seen being rescued from a hospital. He is wheeled into a limousine where he meets Khonshu, now dressed in a suit. Then the driver’s window rolls down, and the secret third personality meets him face to face. He shoots Harrow with a silencer pistol before driving off. This indicates that there could be another season of the show.

All in all, Moon Knight was a fantastic series, and it is really interesting to see the new approach Marvel has taken with the character, as well as their content in general.

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