Six Convincing Reasons To Move To Portugal This Year

One of the top destinations for travel and residence in Portugal. The country’s key draw factors include things like landscape, local food, and beaches. Also, there are at least 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites there. In addition, you’ll be thrilled with the costs, which are affordable for Europe, and the friendliness of the locals. All of this draws such a massive influx of tourists from all over the world that the locals have requested that the government restricts the number of visitors.

There are numerous benefits to living in Portugal, and if you’re thinking about moving there but want to know more before deciding, take a look at the reasons why so many people do so in the list below.

Most Affordable Option in Europe

Among European countries, the programs given to non-EU immigrants have made this one of the least expensive ways to apply for residence. And with the new temporary residence visa – intended for digital nomads – everything is made even easier for remote workers.

One way to live and work in this sun-drenched country is to get a D7 visa. Another way may be the Portuguese golden visa program launched in 2012. This investment visa program offers a path to residency in the country through investments that can be acquired through the unlimited purchase of real estate worth more than €500,000.

Life in Portugal Is Very Measured

Locals are not attempting to handle a gazillion tasks at once. Everyone is present at the moment and is not in a rush. Anything may be put off until tomorrow. It’s typical to arrive at a meeting 30 minutes or even an hour late. Due to the possibility that the cashier and the customer may unexpectedly begin a casual chat, supermarket lines frequently move quite slowly. No one sighs, rolls their eyes, frowns, glances at the time, or becomes agitated at the same moment.

Body Positivity Is on Point

There is no such thing as body shaming in our environment since all girls are taught from an early age to respect and cherish their bodies. Many here are open and even proud to point out their cellulite, stretch marks, and curves. Women frequently dress in denim shorts and a blouse that bares their bellies.

Beautiful Beaches and Enchanting Climate

One of the five nations with the most Blue Flag beaches in Portugal. It is a renowned international honor for outstanding bathing water quality and safety. Portugal has recently been surpassed by nations with noticeably longer coastlines.

Despite this, this nation is one of the top places for retirees to migrate. Wealthy Europeans flocked to this region during its heyday because of the lovely weather, affordable living costs, and tax benefits compared to nearby nations. Visitors like this nation for a variety of reasons, including its rich culture, delectable cuisine, and friendly inhabitants.

The climate in Portugal is among the primary factors for people to relocate there. The majority of people relocating here tend to be from locations like the United Kingdom and Ireland, the northern United States, Canada, and Northern Europe, and they seem to really appreciate it.

Although there may be some changes depending on where you are in Portugal, the nation generally features a Mediterranean climate.

Portugal typically has moderate temperatures that are neither excessively hot nor overly cold. However, there can be changes due to influences from both the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the southern Mediterranean coast. While winters are pleasant to chilly with brief intervals of rain, summers are warm to hot and dry.


Portuguese culture is extensive and varied. They have a rich history that has absorbed influences from several different civilizations, and they are now expertly woven into daily life in Portugal. Portuguese culture incorporates elements of the Moorish, Germanic, and even Viking civilizations despite the fact that it is primarily a Roman Catholic nation.

Portuguese culture has evolved into a distinctive one, including everything from literature to music to cuisine. The Portuguese have a deep appreciation for the arts and literature, and music—in particular, the melancholy, dismal Fado—is closely woven into everyday life. Its melodies and lyrics frequently feature references to the water and express melancholy, desire, and nostalgia. Portuguese food frequently includes seafood, with sardines and bacalhau (salted fish) being staples of the diet. Together with rice, potatoes, veggies, or salad, meat and fish are always served with olives.

The sport of futebol is particularly important to Portuguese culture (soccer). Several successful teams from the nation compete in Europe against the greatest teams from other nations. Moreover, the national team is now ranked fourth in Europe and fifth overall in the FIFA global rankings.

Quality of Living

The best reason to visit Portugal is the high standard of living. The climate, cost of living, and general quality of life in Portugal attract many retirees. The same factors influence family decisions.

Whether they are still employed or in their golden years, moving to Portugal offers people the option to escape the grind and live a more leisurely pace of life. Yes, there may be instances when things don’t go as planned, but for the most part, life moves at a more leisurely pace.

In addition to being one of the friendliest nations on earth, Portugal is also a highly safe location to live. Portugal, behind Iceland, New Zealand, and Denmark, was recognized as the fourth-safest nation in the world by the 2021 World Peace Index.

One of Europe’s lowest crime rates is seen in Portugal. Particularly the two independent Portuguese islands of Madeira and the Azores are known for their friendliness and safety. According to Portugal’s Crime and Safety report, both islands have lower crime rates than Portugal’s mainland. Because there aren’t many “legitimate” news stories in Madeira, the local news is occasionally seen as humorous.

And therefore, in our opinion, these are the top 6 reasons to relocate to Portugal. There are a ton more reasons (such as the watersports, cycling, hiking, motorcycling, and many more) to pick this place to reside, but these are the finest ones!