Wrongful death lawsuit has been filed over actress Naya Rivera’s drowning

Ex-husband Ryan Dorsey filed it on behalf of their son this Tuesday

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on the drowning of actress the Naya Rivera, who died on 8 July while boating with her 4-year-old son Josey on Lake Piru, located northwest of Los Angeles, California.

The lawsuit was filed by her ex-husband and Josey’s father Ryan Dorsey on behalf of their son, blaming Ventura County and managers of Lake Piru for the GleeĀ star’s accidental death. Rivera had rented a pontoon boat for the excursion, and her son was found asleep alone on the boat later that afternoon. Her body was discovered five days later, floating in a 30-foot-deep area. The Ventura County Sheriff’s office stated that her body was very likely trapped in the thick vegetation underground. The autopsy stated that Rivera was a good swimmer and her death was an accident.

Grounds for the lawsuit


Negligence was mentioned in the lawsuit. It stated that the boat lacked a safely accessible ladder, radio, rope, anchor or other equipment that prevents swimmers from getting separated from the boat. Life preservers or other floatation devices were also not present.

The man who rented the boat to Rivera said that she denied a life west, but he put one on board anyway.

The shit additionally said that no warning signs were present in the area suggesting the strong currents, low visibility, and high winds, and that at least 26 people have drowned in the lake since 1959.

There had been inaccurate reports that said Rivera boosted the boy back on board, but the lawsuit says that he got back on his own. A call asking for a comment from Ventura County wasn’t returned, and a county spokesperson didn’t comment to Fox News, saying they haven’t been served the lawsuit yet.