Wolfgang Van Halen Is Remembering His Late Father In This Heartwarming New Music Video And It Is Too Beautiful And Poignantly Depicted!

Fans deeply mourned the death of the popular musical figure, Eddie Van Halen, who passed away after his long battle with cancer. However, his son is making sure that his memories are etched in all our hearts.

Wolfgang Van Halen is Paying His Tribute To His Beloved Father, Eddie, Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen is paying his tribute to his late father, in the newest song Distance. This song is an extremely special track that is also his first-ever solo song, and its accompanying video.

He wrote this song long back when his father was battling cancer, this song is a heartfelt testimony of how he would miss him and what life would be without him. He remembers his father saying that he might not be able to ever move on while still struggling with his father’s death. Take a look at this Twitter post where the singer is remembering his Pop. 

Don’t Miss Out On This Beautiful Yet Heartfelt Music Video.

The music video is extremely beautiful yet poigone, some parts are shot by Wolfgang’s mom, Valerie Bertinelli. These shots include Eddie Van bottle-feeding his son, showing him all the guitars and piano even before little Wolfgang could even talk. The video ends with a heartbreaking voicemail where Eddie is saying how much he loves his som and how very proud he is. Here’s a little trip down the memory lane for you all!

The video is nostalgic and a trip down memory lane for the whole family who are still mourning the big loss. The memories are so pure all filled with love and admiration. This loss is irreplaceable but the man can be remembered through all the sweet memories left behind.