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Will Justin Bieber become a Hillsong Church Minister??? Or Is It Just A Rumor???

To date, I only heard about Hillsong Church. Justin Bieber was best buds with Carl Lentz. He is a recently disgraced pastor of the Christian megachurch’s New York congregation. However, the singer can still attend other churches on the planet. The Anyone singer took to his Instagram stories on Monday. That refuted rumors that he’s currently studying to become a pastor for Hillsong.


Lentz has been fired due to “moral failures”.It included infidelity against wife and fellow pastor, Laura Lentz. Justin isn’t looking to tend to Hillsong’s flock. Justin does not even go there. So Justin is neither studying to become a minister. The singer does not have any desire for that. So that can be assumed as entirely fake news.

So are you hoping to shake hands with Justin Bieber? Do you want to shake hands with him in the God-fearing way or do you prefer the meet and greet way? The singer is in a different house of worship entirely. Hillsong also was never his church. He is just a part of the Church home. That is what he writes about the Los Angeles house of worship.

Another news has come in the public eye that Bieber had attended the church since before meeting Carl and Laura Lentz. You might have experienced Bieber performing at the church’s “pop-up” sermon at Coachella in 2018. Hillsong Church is highly known for its celebrity attendees. However, it has fired one of its top pastors. He was a part of the prominent New York City branch.

That’s because of leadership issues and breaches of trust, plus a recent revelation of moral failures. The founding pastor Brian Houston confirmed it in the form of a written email to However the church never revealed enough details as they thought it would not be appropriate. That was elaborated in a November 5. It is said that he was unfaithful in his marriage.

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