What’s the ongoing buzz about Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline in Kygo’s new music video? Check it out here.

Who doesn’t like watching real couples act as lovers in movies or songs?

So apparently, there’s a new music video from Kygo that features Outer Banks costars and real-life couple Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline. The song’s teased just came out and it packs a lot of steam from the beloved couple. On the teaser which came out on Monday, we see them running around Wilmington, NC, and dancing to the remixed version of Donna Summer’s 1979 hit “Hot Stuff.” And their chemistry is all we can talk about.


When is the full song coming?

Stokes spoke about the collab he and Cline were doing with Kygo back in July during an interview with POPSUGAR and said, “a life teaser for fans to stay excited for hopefully whenever season two (of Outer Banks) comes around” and also mentioned that he’s “super pumped” to be featured in it.

The teaser is available on YouTube and the full music video for “Hot Stuff” has released on Friday, 18th September.


Meanwhile Kygo, whose real name is Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll has an eventful year so far. The Norwegian DJ has had the pleasure of working with music legends like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, and Marvin Gaye and made remixes of some of the best songs of the ’80s.

Kygo’s speciality is being a collaborative artist, and Stokes had been a fan of him for a while. “Outer Banks is a summertime show, so to do something so summer-esque (is exciting),” he said. He also made sure to mention that they took proper precautions before filming the song in North Carolina. He said they took it real slow, and everyone tested every day before they started shooting.


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