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Trevor Noah is very disappointed and angry over the memes regarding Breonna Taylor! Check it out.

Remember Breonna Taylor??? Well, it has been 20 weeks after the lady’s death. For those who don’t know, lemme tell you that she was shot and murdered at her own house. Unfortunately, the cops who did this shameful act haven’t been arrested till now.

According to the latest words by Trevor Noah the socioholic people must have came across the memes that are made about Breonna Taylor. The celebrity took to his social media and shared a 12 mins long story talking about her this very Thursday, at night.

He said that some people who are trying to keep her name in trend might be doing it with good intentions. But some are using her name as a punchline. He also said that memes isn’t a good option to honor a person who has died. That too in such a way.

He continued saying by mentioning Barack Obama and said that this is the only reason for him not being a part of John Lewis’ funeral. Thus, jokes shouldn’t be used to examine her case, rather he wants to show viewers her whole journey.

He also stated that it feels really nice (sarcasm) to see that even the media is telecasting the news using the fair faces of the killers and not her black face. This is complete partiality that too with an innocent, young dead lady. And the only thing they show about her now is that “Breonna Taylor was a good person”.

This kinda act by the police was shocking and unexpected. The black people are in extreme danger if these things continue to happen in the country. It was a shameful act by the police for which they haven’t been punished or not yet arrested.

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