This is the reason why Transformers: War for Cybertron Anime is releasing on Netflix!

By 2 weeks ago

Transformers: War for Cybertron has planned for a big release the on Netflix. And with this we will be introduced with a complete different view of the epic war of The Autobots vs the Decepticons. It is brought to us by the company Rooster Teeth. They even disclosed the reason behind choosing Netflix as the streaming service for the show. So keep reading if you too want the details about it.

About the show

Before Netflix, the transformers series used to premier on some website named Machinima. But then Rooster teeth came up with the idea that the only suitable platform for streaming this beloved new anime series would be Netflix. And indeed, the idea is really great, the show would gain a lot of new audience if the show streams on Netflix.

Reason behind choosing Netflix for its streaming

Jordan Levine, who is the general manager of Rooster Teeth in one of his interviews talked about the reason behind the show being premiered on one of the most popular streaming platforms.

Netflix has always tried to come up with entertaining content that is loved by its audience. Moreover, action and animation has shown an incredible performance on the streaming service. Thus, they decided to feature the show on Netflix.

There is also news that the show would be coming up in three installments, namely Transformers: war of Cybertron, Transformers: Siege and Transformers: Kingdom following War. Even Netflix has hinted about the release of the show soon.

So lets see how many old fans of the franchise benefit Netflix by subscribing it to watch the show. And how many Netflix subscribers benefit the show by adding up to the list of audience.