Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have earned their Greek citizenship. Read for more details.

Some happy news for the couple after their battle with the coronavirus

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have got big news. The beloved celebrity couple have officially become Greek citizens. The news was shared on Instagram by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Prime Minister of Greece himself this Saturday where he confirmed the details and put a photo of the couple with their newly earned Greek passports in hand.

History with Greece

“@ritawilson @tomhanks are now proud Greek citizens!” He captioned the image. The question about when this picture had been taken is unclear, but Hanks and Wilson did go to Greece earlier this month to celebrate the Oscar winner’s 64th birthday.

Hanks had become eligible to claim the citizenship late last year, and the former Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulis signed an honorary naturalization order for him as well. Hanks later shared the news through a tweet on January 2nd which said “Starting 2020 as an Honorary citizen of all of Greece! Kronia Pola! (more or less, “happy year!”). Hanx.”

Why Greece? Well the couple share some ties to the country and they have been going there on vacations as well. Both Hanks and Wilson are Greek Orthodox and Wilson, whose real name is Margarita Ibrahimoff is of Greek and Bulgarian descent. Her mother was raised in Albania, close to the border of Greece. Her father, despite being a Bulgarian Muslim, converted to Orthodox Christianity upon marriage, but continued to speak Russian, Polish, Greek, and a few other languages.

The couple had been in the news previously after being diagnosed with the coronavirus when it started out. They had been one of the first set of celebrities to make the news. The couple have recovered since then and is going strong.


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